OK, so let’s talk about the first months of being in a Starbucks kind of dream :)

So, before anything else I’d just like to mention that like everybody elses, I might have kind of mistakes -maybe even the stupid ones in my posts. I do have them even when I use to write in the blog in my mother language, I mean the Persian, and I really like to remind that I’m not that much perfect at English so if you ever feel uncomfortable about something wrong in my grammar, or vocabulary or just any kind of mistake, please feel free to easily -and of course kindly :) – make me aware of them, so I can improve myself as well as writing greater posts in the future.

So, where was I? Oh, yeah, about that kind of Starbucks dream, wasn’t I? Yes. You know around six or maybe seven months ago -I don’t know exactly- I got to attend my first internship course ever in my whole life. And it was weird. God I’m not gonna exaggerate, cause it was really weird, I mean, I don’t actually need to be exaggerating about this kind of stuff, cause it has just right amount of weirdness on its whole own!

And, after two or I don’t know maybe three months later, I felt like something is broken, you know. I liked that, God I REALLY used to be crazy freaking out about that, when I realized that I could actually BE in a Tech company this soon, at this age – I mean before even starting the college, at 20 :) But, after a while, I just felt that although it’s holly crap a dreamy situation, it isn’t satisfying enough for my soul, or brain -or gut, or God, anything else, cause I don’t really care from where it was, I can only remember the pain I did feel from deep inside, and it was consuming me, like a vampire all in my days. So, I started to feel not right about that anymore. Like something was wrong, something was not fitting enough, I don’t know maybe the place was good, only I wasn’t fitting well, all I know is that we simply weren’t getting along together very well. And, long story short, I just decided to talk to my supervisor and tell him that I’m gonna quit this internship, and I still wonder -or maybe not- that he did already knew it by himself, and I don’t know exactly, maybe I had already shown him my disinterest in that experience. And as simple as that, I quit that position. 

I was looking for another thing, I don’t know maybe I just thought that my workplace and my kind of work, was the only thing that is hard to make money from in the world, but now here’s the thing, little did I know that it was NOT :)

Yes! So, I gave a little time thinking about it, I don’t know maybe two or three weeks, and I made my decision, I quit that company, talked to a person -not really a friend I knew- and guess what, started to work in the café she had opened recently :)

And I was holly crap excited about it. The whole thing I mean, like I thought in the whole world there's definitely not gonna be a better, nicer, easier, more interesting way of working available to me! – Yeah, I know, just another fancier thought, or I’d better say illusion I had, on the topic of how this world actually works :)

So, I started it. Started to be a barista, I don’t know sometimes a waitress, and some other times a simple worker who washes some dishes or maybe sweeps up the ground, and all other different kind of things you can imagine a person may do in a café in order to have it running actually. 

But don’t get me wrong, I still sometimes get to love it. It’s not ALL that bad -OK, most of the time, I think it just gets a little hard, maybe impossible to love, but it still has some kind of valuable experiences in the heart of it that you wouldn’t get the chance to know, or even simply KNOW THAT YOU DON’T KNOW, if you weren’t here.


So, OK, as far as I left this post unfinished last night -I was really tired, OK, LAZY!- I can’t really remember what kind of valuable experiences” I was talking about last night, so, let’s just start kind of from the beginning and try to explain a little for you, what it actually takes to make money, brewing and serving coffee to people :)

You’ll get to work with people more than the coffee here

So, first thing first, you’ll get to get along with people more than you think. It can all start with a little change in the prices, or maybe the food doesn’t taste good, or the customers are just being total noisy -Oh it’s just a headache, you need to believe me in that one :)))) But it doesn’t matter, really, it doesn’t really matter that they’re being a little bit illogical, or complaining all the time about the problems that aren’t even YOUR fault or responsibilities :) You’ve gotta be still patient, understanding, and SMILING, I’m not kidding, cause you don’t know how much hard it can get, trying to keep that smile fixed to your face even when you’re gonna be literally blowing up.


Never mind. I’m really trying to get along with that one, since it’s been really three months of starting it, I think it is a good time to finally pass over the People Nightmare” eventually, isn’t it? :)

People Nightmare” things are everywhere, not just your career!

One of the other things that I learnt is that no matter in what kind of profession you really are, there’d always be hardships, specially the People Nightmares” kind of things. There’d always be people out there who are not gonna simply understand about your rights or the amount of their rights, so they’ll simply gonna ruin your day -if you let them! And you should really learn to be cooler and always working on your capacity of illogical things, cause it’s not gonna have a limitation eventually.

Starts always suck, no matter the start of what thing we’re discussing about :)

The other one: starting a new career, is always hard, being it a programming kind of thing or as simple as serving a cup of tea to people, unless you haven’t had previous experiences on them, it would take some time for you to become capable of doing those jobs properly in a level that people would actually want to pay you for what you do.

Re-evaluating your knowledge of humanity, just everyday

One other thing, when you decide to work in an environment with the smell of coffee, you, want it or not, get to see people and know people and communicate with people a lot. And this really helps you kind of observe a lot in the human nature, you’ll be wondered at the variety the human world can have inside itself. Some people will be really nice, patient and kind, and, on the other hand, some others would be just a piece of shit in front of you :) And you know, when you get to a position that you have to work with a lot of people every day, you unconsciously start to evolve your encyclopedia of people. Like you would -after a while- really know better, if the person in front of you is an angle one, or one of those evil ones that are extremely time and peace consuming machines on their own. You know, you get to really appreciate kindness and humanity after a while, simply because you get to see a lot of its opposites. And it was a really good thing that I don’t think I would have gotten in another workplace, too.


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